49 (0) 5461/9962055 heiner@windelband.de

I will be at the Sergercompetition

from 27mach to 3. april the Spergercompetition in Rostock. and I present basses there. I’l go there by sea!

Phillip Catherine & Martin Wind Concert 17.April 2022, 8.00pm

at Kloster Malgarten in the Konzertscheune

Martin will give a doublebassworkshop on 17. 3.00-5.00 pm and on 18. from 10.00 to 12.30 am
for further information contact me.


I wish all visitors quiet Christmas and a better Year 2022!!


40 Years Soundart & Doublebasses! We had many ideas to celebrate this, concerts, workshops with Sigi Busch and Martin Wind and and and. But all is canceled! Corona!

We wish all a good and healthy time! Dates in our workshop are possible, we can keep distance!

Not only our 1. Nut-tree Bass get lots of compliments from classical an jazz bass players like the spanish Lucia Garcia Alberola, who played “primus de Quatour” with the Euregio Orchestra.



Also our just 5 weeks old Nobles was played by Ricardo del Fra at the workshop and concert of Landesmusikakademie NRW and he was very satisfied!

All visitors marry christmas and a happy new year 2019!

We have also the new “Anima Nova” carbon-soundpost in stock. Our first experience: the Bass is much louder in bowing, very interest for classical Solo-Players.

World novelty! The first Bass made from Bramscher nut-tree for back & sides is ready!

The nut-tree had grown at the place of the Varus fight with Arminius in the year 9. Slowly dried for years, now we will build for dark sisters with a special bar system . The first is ready! Primus de Quartuor!

From July, 22. – 29. 2018 the 10. international J.M.Spergercompetition took place in Ludwigslust. Surely we presented our Basses there!

And we got a lot of compliments. Many of the professors and candidates found they were the best playable and best sounding basses. Also our world novelty, a bass made from a nut-tree, grown here in Bramsche, aroused enthusiastic reactions! Here some impressions:


The Concerts were fantastically!

 July 7. Pianotopia!

June 10. Martin Wind & Katharina Pütter – New York,

Also June 10. doublebass-workshop with Martin, soon more!


David Friesen & Joe Manis

march 22. 8pm in the concert barn of Kloster Malgarten

€ 20,-, VVK & red.  € 17,-, please contact me.

Mary Christmas and a happy new year!

You can read the newsletter here Newsletter1:2917

We send it 3-4 times a year, mostly with concert & maybe workshop dates. It comes in german and english. You are welcome to subscribe on the “home” site.

Glen will play one of our basses on the hole tour with David!

David Friesen & Glen Moore Live in the Konzertscheune im Kloster Malgarten

22.March 2017, 19.30.

Entrance: € 25,- Preorder: € 20,- reduced: € 18,-

DAVID FRIESEN-bass, piano
GLEN MOORE-bass, piano
In a 2006 jazz bass poll, both David Friesen and Glen Moore were listed as two of the 20 most influential bass players in the history of jazz.

Friesen and Moore have both passed (years ago)the half-century mark, and the maturity this affords shows itself in all the best ways. All the youthful fascination with and boundless energy for their music is augmented by perspectives gained through decades of experience. Patrick Hinely/Jazz Times

Whether operating on the same instrumental plane, playing piano against bass, or standing alone in the company of one another, David Friesen and Glen Moore manage to come off like the perfect pair. Both their differences and similarities tie them together. DAN BILAWSKY/All-ABOUT-JAZZ

Bassists/pianists David Friesen and Glen Moore take their rightful place among the great jazz duos: the CD Bactrian fully supporting David’s belief that “this new recording represents something very special … not only representing some of what we both feel is the very best recorded music we have played together … but something else inside the notes that only happens when you must endure the wait of over 50 years.”

Glen Moore and David Friesen are two musical artists who have consistently produced excellence: true giants operating on the highest level. Year after year (and for fifty years now) they have raised the bar of expectation and fulfillment, until it would appear that they can ascend no higher—yet I will not be at all surprised when, possessing the seemingly infinite talent they have (the extent of their rare gifts, their compatibility and natural consonance) they do so: offering future work we shall all be privileged to hear. Thank you, David Friesen and Glen Moore!  William Minor-Down Beat, Cadence, Jazz Times






Doublebass Workshop with David & Glen: 21. March 2017 between 11.00 am & 6 pm, Kloster Malgarten

Cost: € 80,-, reduced. € 50,-

if you need a bass for the workshop, you can lend one of our Basses for free.

Contact for workshop & Concert: 49(0)5461/9962055 or per mail.

If you need an accommodation, you can order it direct at Kloster Malgarten

I wisch a happy new year!

The 9th International Sperger-Copetition for doublebass from May 8th until 15th 2016 in Ludwigslust, we will present some of our basses.

David Friesen & Glen Moore published a new CD.
Glenn is playing one off our “R0yal” Basses with great pleasure!

friese_moore Kopie

Am Kloster 6 – Kloster Malgarten
49565 Bramsche
Fax: 49(0)5461/9962056

We found space in this beautiful Place, witch is even better!

Glen Moore plays one of my “Royal” Basses on his Europe Tour with David Friesen.
They will play also here at my place on Thursday, 26. Mach 2015, 8.00 PM

In August we participated in the Bass2014 in Almere and we got a great deal of positive feedback. The `Semi´ has also got many new friends. Here are some impressions:

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